Texas Duck Hunting Gear and Supplies

Duck hunting in TexasDuck or waterfowl hunting is a popular sport in North America. It is no different in Texas. There are thousands of acres available for duck hunting throughout the state that are prime locations for all types of waterfowl including: Mallards, Wood Ducks, Canvasback, Pintails, plus Merganser, Falconry and Coot.

Duck hunting is sport that is enjoyed best with friends and great gear. To make the most of your hunting experience you should be properly outfitted and ready for cold, wet and muddy conditions.

Below you will find some of the essential gear you’ll need when out hunting waterfowl.

Duck Decoys – Attracting Waterfowl

Duck decoysWaterfowl decoys are used to attract ducks and other birds. There are numerous types available that you can choose from including wooden, inflatable and motorized duck decoys. They are meant to resemble and imitate real ducks so that the real ducks are attracted to the area. They are a great way to bring in waterfowl nice and close. Many now-a-days even move and put their heads into the water to simulate an actual duck. These types of decoys are extremely effective.

Take a closer look to see which duck decoy is your best option

Duck Calls – Duck Commander and More

Duck Commander duck callDuck calls are whistle-like tools that hunters use to attract waterfowl to the area. Well-made calls are capable of adjusting the tone and volume of the call to make it sound as realistic as possible. It takes a bit of time to get used to using a duck caller, but once mastered is an essential tool for every duck hunter.

Click here to see some of the most popular duck callers out today.

Duck Hunting Waders

Duck hunting wadersProbably the most important gear you can have are good waders. Waterfowl waders are essential if you want to retrieve your waterfowl. You don’t want to be wading hip-deep in a deep pond with a pair of Levis. Keeping dry, warm and protected will improve your hunting experience immensely. Before you rush out and purchase a pair you should know that there are many different types including hip waders, chest waders, boot-foot waders and more. Depending what time of year you are doing your hunting you’ll want to choose the appropriate waders.

Click here to see the many different types of hip waders available today.

Camo Hunting Jackets

camo duck hunting jacketA camouflage jacket is another item that you need when out hunting waterfowl. If you want to attract ducks you will want to remain as hidden as possible. Ducks can are observant and if they sense that something is not quite right, they will stay away. A good camo jacket will keep you concealed and dry.

Click here to see some of the camouflage hunting jacket options available.

Layout Duck Blinds

Layout duck blindLayout blinds is another hunter’s tool that is used to hide from waterfowl. Waterfowl layout blinds have improved over the years and are becoming more natural and harder for ducks or other birds to spot. Some of the earlier versions aren’t attracting waterfowl like they used to so make sure to do your research before choosing a layout blind for duck hunting. Inside you’ll find the ones that we like best and are still providing excellent results without breaking the bank.

Click here to see the best layout duck blinds on the market today.

Electronic Dog Collars

Dog e-collarDuck hunting dogs are usually equipped with an e-collar so you can track and communicate with your canine when out in the field. There are a lot of great brands to choose from with varying ranges. You’ll want one that is durable and able to withstand wet and muddy environments. Click here to see the dog training collars we recommend.

More Information About Duck Hunting in Texas

waterfowl huntingTo see the most up to date information on the Texas Duck Hunting season in your area please visit Texas Parks and Wildlife’s 2014 – 15 Outdoor Annual. Before you do any hunting in Texas, be sure to have a current hunting license and permits.

There are a lot of guided duck hunting tours in Texas from all areas of the state. Many will not only be a guide, but will provide transportation, equipment and even accommodations. There are so many great guides in our state. In the future we will include reviews and recommendations for guides in the local area.

We wish you happy and safe hunting!