Best Boat Dog Ladder – A Review of the Load-A-Pup Boat Ramp

Load-A-Pup dog laddersIf you’ve ever gone duck hunting in a boat you’ll know the anticipation you feel as you lay in your boat, your favorite duck caller in hand hoping to draw your favorite waterfowl to your decoys floating in the distance.

Your call attracts your prey and you have a clean shot. You take one, then two out and your trusty side-kick jumps into the water to retrieve your prize. Your dog brings back your kill with eager anticipation, but all your excitement and happiness is gone once they get to the boat. You struggle and grab trying to get your dog back into the boat as she begs and whines in the water. You’re a mess, your boat’s a mess and your camo jacket is soaked.

If this has ever happened to you then you know the pain of not having a dog ladder for your boat.

If you do any hunting from the water, you really do need a dog ladder for your boat. It makes things much easier and safer for you and your dog to spend quality time out in the water.

Load-A-Ramp – Perfect Dog Ladder For Your Boat

I’ve tried out many different dog ramps and there is one that I highly recommend and that is the Load-A-Pup ladder from Great Day.

The Load-A-Pup was designed to attach to the side or transom of your hunting boat. Once your attached the ramp, you can adjust the height and level to make sure it is at the perfect spot for an easy exit and entrance to the water. It made of aluminum so is nice and light weighing only 7 pounds so it doesn’t affect the stability of your craft and is strong enough to handle the weight of any hunting dog. It’s weight capacity is 200lbs! However, don’t get any ideas about using it yourself, it wasn’t built to handle people.

Dog ramp for boat

When you’re done, it simply folds up so you can store it in your boat or garage.

With some other ramps I tried the grip was a bit slippery once it was wet and my dog had trouble getting in and out. The Load-A-Pup has nice gripping ridges built in that were great for an easy entrance back into the boat.

Since I’ve bought this dog ladder, my dog has been super excited to go hunting and can’t wait to enter the water to retrieve her ducks. She flies up and down with speed and loves every minute of it. I have to say this is one of my favorite purchases. Best of all it is made in the USA. Click here to see full specifications in the Load-A-Pup manual.

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