Best Duck Decoys – Our Favorite Wood, Inflatable and Motorized Models

There are a few different styles of duck hunting decoys available for you to choose from. You can find them in wood, plastic, some are inflatable and some are even motorized. They can range in artistic design where some look only similar to ducks all the way to some duck decoys that look and behave exactly like real ducks.

Below are some of the most effective waterfowl decoys you can find today. We have included decoys of many different styles, but all have been tested and provide excellent results when duck hunting. You won’t be waiting for hours on end when using these. Pair these up with a good duck blind and you will be coming home with as many game as you can carry.

Our Favorite Wood Duck Decoys

Final Approach Gunner Wood Duck Decoy

Final Approach duck decoysFinal Approach’s duck decoys are known for their high quality and attention to detail. This set of 6 floating wooden decoys are very life-like. The detail that they put into these decoys is outstanding. You would be hard pressed to find decoys that look better than these.

One thing that is important is the paint on the Final Approach duck decoys is not shiny. This is very important. Some companies use shiny paint and the results are less than ideal. Glare off of a decoy will likely keep the waterfowl away. Thankfully the paint on these is flat and does not shine in the sunlight.

These are my go-to decoys and I can’t recommend them enough. I think you will be pleased with them too.

=> Click here for more information about the Final Approach decoys.

GHG Pro Grade Blue Winged Teal Duck Decoy

GHG decoysThe GHG Teal duck decoys are inexpensive, but definitely aren’t cheaply made. These are very realistic for the price and look and behave even better in the water. We’ve had a lot of success with this set.

One thing that stands out with these ducks is their realistic postures and the way they float. They look convincing and attract waterfowl so I guess the ducks agree too. These are a nice set that we love too.

=> Click here for more information about the GHG Teal decoys.

Zink Avian-X Top Flight Wood Duck Decoy

Zink duck decoysThese are another set of decoys that have a marvelous paint job. They are bright and colorful and look like the real thing. They are also made of very high material that will last a long time. You can step on them or bend them and they just won’t break. These should last through many seasons without breaking or degrading.

We were really impressed with this set of ducks. They look great, aren’t too expensive and are indestructible. This is another set you really can’t go wrong with.

=> Click here for more information about the Zink Duck Decoy Pack.

Our Favorite Motorized Duck Decoys

Mojo Outdoors Teal Duck Decoy

MOJO OutdoorsMOJO Outdoors teal duck decoy is one of the best motorized duck decoy producers in the market. This Teal Duck Decoy is a realistic drake with wings that spin faster that spin twice as fast as other motorized decoys in the market. All it takes is 4AA batteries and you are up and running without fail for around 16 hours. Ducks seem to really love the faster the wings spin and this one really does attract waterfowl.

It is very easy to set up, but one thing we found was that the pole was a little too short. We modified it and now it works great, but it would be nice if MOJO would add a bit of length to it so we didn’t have to.

=> Click here for more information on the MOJO motorized duck decoys.

Inflatable Duck Decoys

Full Body Field Mallard Duck Decoys

Cherokee duck decoyWe normally aren’t crazy about inflatable decoys. However, these Full Body Field Mallard decoys made by Cherokee are really nice. Inside the package of 6 you get 4 Drakes and Hens. One thing with liked is that you could rotate the heads to any position you want. A positive aspect of inflatable ducks is that they are light and easy to pack so you can carry more over longer distances, which may be beneficial if you have a long way to hike.

=> Click here for more information on the Field Mallard duck decoys.


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