The Best Duck Decoy Bags for Your Hunting Trip    

In order to organize your hunting trips and transport your gear easily you need the right equipment. When duck hunting you need decoys. Lugging around a couple of dozen decoys without the proper bag is a pain. The following two bags are a couple that we’ve tried and tested on our trips and think they are great choices for the serious duck hunter.

DecoyPro Mesh Decoy Bags

DecoyPro 12 slot decoy bagThe DecoyPro mesh bags are perfect for transporting turkey, goose or duck decoys. These bags are surprisingly inexpensive, but don’t let their price fool you. These are good quality bags that do exactly what they are supposed to. They are very light, have handy shoulder straps and are made of a durable mesh material. The straps are perfect for keeping your hands free so you can carry your other duck hunting gear and are long enough to wear over many layers of clothing.

There is enough room inside each bag to carry:

  • 12 duck decoys or
  • 6 floating goose decoys or
  • 3 dozen shell goose decoys or
  • 6 turkey decoys

Inside you can secure your decoys in their slots with a drawstring. These bags have withstood the abuse of dragging them in and out of our boat, out into the field and in the garage.

The outer shell is all mesh so you can see inside the bag. The design is perfect for hunting because it dries very quickly.

The only thing I didn’t like was because they are all in the same bag your decoys get a bit banged up. It isn’t too big of a deal and most people don’t care if their decoys are in pristine condition or not. For myself, I buy fairly expensive ones so I prefer to keep them in like-new condition.

If you are looking for something that is lightweight, durable and inexpensive then these are a great deal. You get two bags in this bundle. For the price this set of bags is very tough to beat.

Click here to purchase the DecoyPro Mesh Decoy Bags from Amazon

Rig ‘Em Right 12 Slot Duck Decoy Bag

Rig 'Em Right 12 slot decoy bag

If you are looking for a large slotted decoy bag this is a great choice. The Rig ‘Em Right is made of very durable material that can withstand the toughest conditions.

The bag is a large tan-colored rectangle measuring 48” wide, 16” long and 21” deep. Each decoy slot is 8” wide and 8” long. It can hold 12 large fully body or 24 regular sized decoys and comes with padded shoulder straps that take the strain away when lugging it over long distances.

I found this one really convenient to use. Just take your decoys, fit them in the slot and off you go. When you get to your destination you simply pull out your decoys one by one and place them. You can do all of this while the bag is resting on your shoulder and there is no digging in a bag or securing and un-securing your decoys before and after transport.

The thing I love the most about this bag is that each duck is held in its own compartment. Keeping each decoy in a separate slot reduces the wear and tear on them, as a result they stay in better condition and last longer without getting all banged up.

I also was thrilled with how little room this bag took up when empty. I stored it in my layout blind while we we hunting and I hardly noticed it.

The Rig ‘Em Right bag is my preferred choice. It is a bit more expensive than the DecoyPro bag above, but still isn’t very expensive though. This bag really won me over though its convenience of the open bag, easy accessibility of the decoys and the separate compartments.

Click here to purchase the Rig ‘Em Right 12 slot bag from Amazon

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