The Best Dog Blind for Ducking Hunting – Wildfowler Collapsible – Durable and Inexpensive

Duck hunting has come a long way since I first starting going out with my dad in the 1970’s. At that time we didn’t use dogs until later in the 90’s. Now it seems like everyone has a hunting dog. They are great companions to bring along and a good dog can also make hunting much easier. However, if your dog isn’t trained well or under adequate cover you’ll have a hard time attracting any waterfowl. Any bird that senses something isn’t right in an area won’t go near it. This is where dog blinds come in.

With a good dog hunting blind, your pal can stay concealed and out of the elements until he is needed. The following dog bind is one that we have used on our trips and has been a tremendous asset.

Wildfowler Collapsible Dog Blind, Duck Blind

Wildfowler dog duck blindThis lightweight and portable dog blind is so easy to carry around and set up. It comes in a nice carrying bag and once you take it out it is a snap to set up. The sides are spring loaded so once you unlatch the straps you pull it open and you are in business. All you do is add your four stakes and you are good to go.

When putting it away you collapse the spring loaded sides and snap the straps back into place and place it into the bag. Once you are packed up it is a meager 4 inches high. It is also super light so you won’t notice it when carrying it around.

It is made of a camo polyester material that is strong and water resistant. There is a zippered opening for the dog door and vents to let air flow through the blind.

It is also handy for over nighting in a hotel or cabin. It makes for a perfect day bed for your loyal hunting companion. It is 30 inches long, 25 inches wide and 21 inches high so there is plenty of room for even bigger hunting dogs. My dog Rex is a 70 pound English Setter and he had plenty of room to spare.

I’ve used this on a dozen or so hunting trips now with my own layout blind and have never had an issue attracting our ducks or staying concealed. They have never noticed either blind; even when up close. With a good duck call (click here to see our list of recommend duck calls) and good cover it is amazingly easy to draw in your prey.

With how easy this model is to carry around and even easier to set up you really can’t go wrong with the Wildflowler dog blind. It’s also very reasonably priced. I highly recommend adding this to your duck hunting list.

=> Click here for more information on the Wildfowler Collapsible Dog Blind.

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